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Kestel Residence - Alanya

€ 69,000 - 175,000


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Other Details

  • Indoor swimming pool 28 m²
  • Indoor children pool 9 m²
  • Sauna 5,90 m²
  • Dressing rooms

Details of the complex:

  • Wi-Fi Internet will be available throughout the whole complex
  • Outdoor swimming-pool with secure zone for children
  • Indoor swimming pool with heating system
  • Sauna
  • Fitness centre
  • Air conditioners in all rooms both for cooling and heating
  • Power Generator
  • Visual Intercom System
  • Full Automatic stainless steel elevator with sliding door
  • Satellite System
  • Barbecue place
  • Big garden area
  • Children Playground
  • Caretaker for the apartments

 Buying a property is always challenging, and purchasing abroad can be particularly so. Accordingly, in the following section we have tried to anticipate your questions about buying in Turkey. Please find below, information regarding the quality of the construction; purchasing contracts; and overall the maintenance and management of the complex. Floor plans shown on the website correspond to the originals, and are drawn to scale. During the building process, some plans may be subject to small modifications that will not affect the statutory rights of the buyer. The developer reserves the right to change some of the materials as a result of product innovation. During the execution of the building, license specialists will methodically check, on-site, the conformity of the construction with Turkish building standards and regulations. Pipes, cables and conduits are concealed in the walls and under the floors. The complex is fully connected to national water and electricity networks. Surface water drains and sewers are connected to the public sewers. Personalization of the apartments will be possible following approval from the architect and project team. It is also possible to buy adjoining apartments and merge them in one.

Construction process
Construction period starts after Private Inspection Company makes their inspections for the ground. The static plans are preparing according to the results of the inspections. After this, plans are approving by the municipalities and permission to build the construction is given to the constructor. On every step the construction is inspected by the inspectors. They are taking samples from each concrete and iron truck that is entering to the construction field. After completion of the building this inspection company gives 5 years guarantee for the building.

Floors: floors will be made with reinforced concrete and will have 32 cm thickness. Surface of the floors will be tiled with light colour ceramic. These tiles will be selected from the first quality catalogue among the best brands in Turkey.
Walls: Both inner and outer walls will be constructed by sound and heat resistance hollow bricks. The outer walls and the separations of the dwellings will be double wall. Between these walls there will be an isolation material. Thickness of the outer walls will be 27 cm. All the insides walls are covered with cement first and then with plaster covering.
Windows, Doors and Outer casings: windows, outer doors and casings will be PVC with a metal frame inside and will be built among the selection of best brands. The thickness will be 70mm for the windows and doors. All the doors and windows will be double opening system. All outer casings and windows will be with hidden rolling shutters. Windows will be double glazed for isolation. Inside doors will be light colour American type panel doors. Living room’s door will integrated with decorative glass.
Kitchen: kitchen closets will be in light colour MDF - wooden type, with frames. Kitchen counter will be made of Marble. On the wall between the upper and lower closet, there will be small tiles. There will be hidden lights underneath the upper closet.
Bathroom: all sanitary places will be fully tiled with light colour marble motive ceramic. There will be a shower cabinet with tempered glass in the bathroom. The bathrooms will have built-in hanging closet. There will be combined closets with mirror, washbasin and shelves for your towels. Ceiling of the bathroom will be made of waterproof plaster panels and fitted spotlights. Hot water will be provided with electrical boiler.
Ceilings: All the corners and edges will be provided by decorative plaster ornaments.
Stairs: stairs will be covered with Marble. The railways both on the balconies and on the stairs will be made off chrome. The wall along the stairs will be Marble.
SubSystems (Electric and water): all electric and water products that will be used will have the TSE sign - which means qualified from the tests of Turkish Quality Institute. All the rooms and terraces will have phone lines and TV sockets. In the terrace there will be a water tap for cleaning. Water pipes will be plastic and high density.
Insurance: During the construction period all the risks and losses belong to the contractor company. All the risks will be transferred to the purchaser straight after the delivery of the apartment keys.

Aftersale support and services

We will continue providing after sale support and services for our customers. Alanya Eiendom after sale services designed for our customers optimum satisfaction and cleared mind when they returned back to their own countries. These are the some of the services we provide

- Forthnightly property check and airing
- Support with optaining home credits
- Technical maintanence service
- Electricity and water board registration and payment of bills regularly
- Managing annual property and local council tax
- Blue book notary and translation services
- Providing a solicitor for legal procudures
- Medical doctor when required
- Help with purchasing furnitures and white goods from the subcontracted companies with special discount for our customers
- Alanya Eiendom online services for our customers to control all activities where ever they are
- Insurance claims in the events of any damages and repairs
- Advise and support with touristic local excurtion and visits
- Rent a car services
- Airport transfer
- We can assist you, if you want to buy a car or motorcycle.
- If you need home phone or cellphone with a Turkish number, we'll help you.
- If you want to learn Turkis, we'll provide you with the best teachers

You can choose Alanya Eiendom if you wish to have these services. We will always welcome you with a warm smile and provide you with many other services to make sure our customers are satisisfied 100 percent

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