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Aramis village F1 - Cikcilli

€ 196,000


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Other Details

Brut area: 196 m²
Type: Apartment
Year built: 2009
Location: By the sea

Balcony / Terrace
Garage / Parking
Nice view
Nice neighbourhood

Minimal traffic.
Outstanding view.
Quiet and peaceful.
The district Cikcilli is known for its green and fertile fields. Cikcilli has had a great development and new modern shopping centers are in place, in addition to the original Turkish community. Aramis is the place for those who want to realize the dream vacation with an especially nice apartment. The apartment is comprehensive and is on two levels. This means that you can invite both the extended family and friends without feeling that the space is too small.
The plant appears to be very luxurious, with beautiful views of Alanya and the Mediterranean Sea.

Good experiences and comfort are key. What better than a cold drink on the terrace while the warm sun sinks lazily behind the horizon?

Completed in 2009
Apartment 196 m²
2 large terraces
Lovely pool area
Only 3 km to Alanya city center
1.2 km to the beach
Luxurious apartment on two floors
Incredible views of Alanya and the Mediterranean Sea

Aftersale support and services

We will continue providing after sale support and services for our customers. Alanya Eiendom after sale services designed for our customers optimum satisfaction and cleared mind when they returned back to their own countries. These are the some of the services we provide

- Forthnightly property check and airing
- Support with optaining home credits
- Technical maintanence service
- Electricity and water board registration and payment of bills regularly
- Managing annual property and local council tax
- Blue book notary and translation services
- Providing a solicitor for legal procudures
- Medical doctor when required
- Help with purchasing furnitures and white goods from the subcontracted companies with special discount for our customers
- Alanya Eiendom online services for our customers to control all activities where ever they are
- Insurance claims in the events of any damages and repairs
- Advise and support with touristic local excurtion and visits
- Rent a car services
- Airport transfer
- We can assist you, if you want to buy a car or motorcycle.
- If you need home phone or cellphone with a Turkish number, we'll help you.
- If you want to learn Turkis, we'll provide you with the best teachers

You can choose Alanya Eiendom if you wish to have these services. We will always welcome you with a warm smile and provide you with many other services to make sure our customers are satisisfied 100 percent

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