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Alanya Eiendom Services

Alanya Eiendom   Service

After you have purchased t your apartment / house from us we would like to continue to offer you our assistance. We recommend that you  make use of our very reasonable and much appreciated service agreement.  Alanya Eiendom Service Agreement costs 200 Euro per year and includes the following:

1. If necessary, we offer help from our technical team and other staff in performing technical maintenance of your apartment or your house if you should encounter technical problems.  The service contract provides technical assistance 24/7 and includes help with problems with electricity, water or any other technical problem.


2. We check and air the apartment every 14 days.

3. We follow up any complaints against the developer and take responsibility for seeing that any eventual damage or fault is dealt with. 4. We pay your home insurance/house insurance and any other insurance you have in Turkey from your account with Alanya Eiendom.

5. We pay your bills for water, electricity and waste disposal from your account with Alanya Eiendom.

6. We pay the annual property and municipal taxes from your account with Alanya Eiendom.

7. We help you to apply for a Residence Permit and pay the cost of a Notary Publicus and translation fees from your account with Alanya Eiendom.

8. We help you to contact a lawyer if you need legal help.

9. We help you to contact a doctor in case of illness.

10. We assist you in the purchase of furniture and appliances from companies that we have favourable agreements with. This means that you can obtain very good discounts on purchases.

11. We will help you contact the insurance company in case of accident or injury.

12. We will provide you with advice and tips on various tourism events and help you in negotiating prices for services such as Haman, boat trips and other excursions.

13. We provide Alanya Eiendom’s online service so you can follow all financial transactions, regardless of where you are.

14. We can assist in booking your flights.

15. If you choose to rent out your apartment or your house, we will arrange all the practical questions such as promotion of the apartment house, contact with tenants, signing of the lease agreement, delivery of keys, checking the apartment, payment of rent and charges for electricity and water etc.

16. We can help you to buy/rent a car or motorcycle.

17. We can help you to get a home phone or mobile phone with a Turkish number.

18. We can contact excellent teachers if you wish to learn Turkish.