€ 200 per year
Our office in Alanya offers this deal to customers who have bought a property through Alanya Eiendom. Price on the agreement is € 200,- per year. The price may be adjusted.

Property check:

Key storage
Post check and archive
Apartment check 2 times every month
Regularly aerate while the apartment is empty
Apartment cleaning (1+1 30 €, 2+1 40 € , 3+1 50 € ; penthouse 60 €)
Electricity switched on before arrival etc.
Payment service:

Payment of running costs regarding the property
Payment of water and electricity monthly
Payment of property tax 1-2 times annually
Payment of insurance1-2 times annually
Receipt storing for three years


Organize ”transfer” from the airport and back ( Each person 15 € )
Flight booking help when leaving Turkey


24-hours emergency help for medical visits
Help when hospitalised

Advices and help for shopping (In office hours)


Advice and help with insurance agreement.
Contact with the insurance company if damage on insured goods.

Fax, copy and E-mail can be sent to or from our office

Copy service of passport and other documents
Computer available for email etc.

Alanya Eiendom organise these services, the work must be paid by property owner. All expenses that Alanya Eiendom has to pay because of the service will be charged to the property owner. All these expenses shall be paid to the Alanya Eiendom office.
The property owner must pay the costs for these payments, Alanya Eiendom is merely offering to pay it in Turkey instead of all bills being sent to an home address elsewhere.
Our accountant, financial advisor and translator help us providing this services.
At our online tracking system you can track your payments online.