Title Deed

A new European owner of property will get a title deed or 'Tapu'. A Title Deed is an official document proving ownership. To be able to get this document, one needs to apply at the municipal office of the apartment to register the value. Therefore you will need to get a receipt from the tax office for paying the sales tax. Taking this receipt to the 'Tapu' office, after signing some papers, your title deed apply is finished. After a few months you will get your title deed. This shall be taken by yourself or if you're not there, you can use a power of attorney, made by the notary with help of a certified interpreter. With this whole process we will help you.

Title Deed purchase costs

Sales transaction tax
3.3% of the properties registered value will be paid to the Tapu office at one of the state banks by the time value is determined. This may be lower or higher according to the real estate value but will be approximately 1.000 to 3.000 Euros. This figure may sometimes change by a small amount and we are giving our customers information when a change occurs in the Turkish law.

Application fee
300 Euros for the service is paid to the Tapu office to provide the necessary information and documents such as application maps, translations, passports, etc.

Translation fee
50 Euro is necessary to have a translator to be sure that the recipient has agreed on the transfer of title.

Title deed: the registered document proving the person's property right.



The following information is written on title deed:

  1. The property address of the land.
  2. The title holder with photograph.
  3. The cadastral record information of the land.
  4. The availability of land (status at the cadastral general management).
  5. The square meters the new owner will have.
  6. The numbers of the independent section the new owner will have.
  7. The price of the property.
  8. The population profile of the former owner of the title deed.
  9. The population profile of the new owner of the title deed.
  10. Date of the property purchase by the former owner.
  11. Registration number of the title deed (the number of the title deed changes every hand).
  12. The new record information of the title deed.
  13. Date of the property purchase by the new owner.
  14. The authorized general directorate person's signature and stamp

The annual apartment tax
Within the municipal borders of Alanya every year after you have bought the apartment you will need to pay a small amount of tax under the name of property and garbage taxes. The estimated amount set each year by Turkish law, is 40 euro now.

Report papers called 'ön iskan'
When the civil construction firm completes the construction they report to the mayor of the municipality of the region, who examines all the documents. If the documents are providing the right information, the municipality gives an ön iskan to the builder. This is a task a builder must complete before delivering the apartments.

Occupancy papers called 'iskan'
After taking the ön iskan the iskan of the apartment will be taken by the customer. The costs of this paper are for the account of the buyer.

Electricity and water subscribing
After the apartment is occupied by the owner, he or she takes a copy of passport, a copy of title deed and a copy of the iskan to the municipality of the apartment and applies for water and electric subscribtion on his or her name.

Electricity and water payments
If you use electricity and water in the apartment you bought, you can register a TL account at any bank in Alanya and pay your bills with automatic payments. Alanyaeiendom has a service for all of this and we can help you as a company.