Our Services
The aim of the services provided by Alanyaeiendom is to provide a secure property and health for all our customers who buy property in Alanya.
To buy a house at Alanyaeiendom is only a beginning...
Dear Customers; for after sale management of the flat you bought in Alanya, we give after sale service with our technical staff and crew.

Aftersale support and services

We will continue providing aftersale support and servıces for our customers. Alanya Eindom aftersale services designed for our customers optimum satisfaction and cleared mind when they returned back to their own countries. These are the some of the servıces we provide

• Forthnightly property check and airing
• Support with optaining home credits
• Tecnical maintanence service
• Electricity and water board registration and payment of bills regularly
• Managing annual property and local council tax
• Blue book notary and translation services
• Providing a solicitor for legal procudures
• Medical doctor when required
• Help with purchasing furnutures and white goods from the subcontracted companies with special discount for our customers
• Alanya Eindom online servises for our customers to control all activities where ever they are
• Insurance claims in the events of any damages and repairs
• Advise and support with touristic local excurtion and visits
• Rent a car services
• Airport transfer
• We can assist you, if you want to buy a car or motorcycle.
• If you need home phone or cellphone with a Turkish number, we'll help you.
• If you want to learn Turkis, we'll provide you with the best teachers

You can choose Alanya Eindom if you wish to have these services. We will always welcome you with a warm smile and provide you with many other services to make sure our customers are satisfied 100 percent

1.We help you buying furniture for your new home.
After you bought your home we will help you decorate and to choose furniture for your new home with our interior designer. You can choose your furniture one of the catalogues at our Office while drinking your Turkish mocha or you can finish your choice during visits to furniture stores.

2-Technical Service
We solve your problems with our Technical Service when you face any trouble (like water or electricity problems) with the residence you bought.

Airport transfer
We are happy to be able to offer you transfer to the the airport. You can send an order by e-mail. If you send us your flight details,  we will ensure that there is one from our service team who will pick you up from the airport, and also from your apartment when its time to go back home. All orders that we receive will be confirmed via email. Oneway trip with transfer to Antalya is 60 € up to 4 people, or 15 € per person if you are more than 4 people. One way to  Gazipasa is 40 € up to 4 people, or 10 € per person if you are more than 4 people.

Hiring a car
If you would like to use a car when coming to Alanya for vacation or to visite your home and you would like to drive a car, we would be happy to help you with hiring a car

We can find you a professional translator with or without notary proof, for your official or private papers.

We arrange a professional guide and tour organisation to touristic and historical sightseeing sites you would like to visit. Besides, Alanyaeiendom offers to arrange a car with driver and english, norwegian and other languisted translators to help you around in Alanya.


Blue Book
This service will save you a lot of time and energy, and you can use it for a whole day (8 hours) in return for a small fee.

Cleaning service
Our cleaning service includes the cleaning of your apartment or villa before or during your vacation, by our professional workers. Upon your request we arrange all types of cleaning, such as carpet cleaning, washing your floors, windows, bathrooms, doing your laundry and cleaning up after work inside the house. All this will be done using special cleaning materials and supplies.

Excursion service
In this region there are many tour operators, so we selected a relieable range of them to guide you trough the most beautiful places of Turkey. Among these places are: Cappadocia, Side, Aspendos, Pamukkale and many others. Of course you can also make day trips in Alanya itself, like a jeep safari trough the mountains or a boat tour along caves on the Mediterranean Sea. We arrange such unique tours and day trips especially for our own customers.

The hamam, or Turkish bath, stands for far more than getting a leisurely bath or cleansing. It is a rite and a ritual in which the elements are harnessed for the cleansing and purification of the body. Since it's creation, the Turkish bath has been much more than just a place to cleanse the skin. It was intimately bound to everyday life, a place where people of every rank and class, young and old, rich and poor, townsmen or villagers, could go in. Experience this pure feeling of oriental luxury with our Hamam service.
Contact: info@alanyaeiendom.com