In many areas it is important to have knowledge of Turkish law and a good relationship with the authorities. This also applies to the banking sector. Often, the various bureaucratic processes are more opaque and substantially slower in Turkey, everything simply takes longer. The estate agents at Alanya Eiendom know the language and have thorough knowledge of the laws, regulations and practices in Turkey.

We can advise you and provide the connections you need to get favorable financing for your apartment or your house. If you want to apply for a loan from a Turkish bank, we can help you with that. We will examine the offer from the bank to ensure that the conditions and the payment plan are consistent with the contract.

We have an English speaking lawyer who will ensure that all necessary documents are correct and that registrations are made properly. The Title Deed, requests by public authorities and purchase contracts are some of these documents. If desired you can of course use your own lawyer.

Hikmet ŞİFA (Lawyer)
Phone : (+90) 532 779 02 57
E-mail :

We can also help with other things such as:

• Questions about inheritance and transmission of inheritance

• Establishment  and monitoring of own business

• Purchase of land

• Building permits

• Professional evaluation of property

• Bookkeeping Services

• Answer questions about Turkish Law

• Check the Title Deed of properties and real estate and zoning

• Provide information about building permits and municipal plans

• Apply for a loan

• Evaluate and translate documents


Our finance and legal department is available to all our foreign home buyers and investors.


Documents needed when buying property in Turkey:

• Passport valid for at least 6 months after return, but preferably one year.

• Your parents' names must be specified in most requests to authorities. Sometimes the mother's maiden name is also required

• At least 4 passport photos. These can be arranged here in Alanya

• Turkish tax number. We can arrange this at the tax office in Alanya.

• Authorization by a Notary Publicus in Alanya.

• Turkish bank accounts for Turkish lira and euro.