We will help you reaching places of your imagination without sacrificing quality, working to provide the home you will spend the summer holiday of aesthetics and comfort.

Whether you want a one-room apartment or a three-storey villa, we take care of it being designed for relaxation, easy to be used and with stylish spaces, the entire time from the moment you enter it.

We will let you join in decisions using special 3-D drawings of your home in a virtual environment, to find the style of your choise to be applicated. Thinking of every detail, our expert team prepairs special projects for you. To help you design the interior decoration we look forward to meeting you.

Buying Furniture

Once all the paperwork is done we can help you to buy furniture, kitchen appliances, crockery etc for your apartment or house. If you wish, you can also get help from our interior designer. We can accompany you to various furniture stores.  If you prefer, you can sit in our office and choose furniture from a catalogue. What is special with the purchase of furniture in Turkey is that transport and installation are included in the price. You do not need to worry about how the furniture will come to your apartment or house. The furniture will be unpacked, assembled and set in place and all the packaging removed. There are many furniture stores in Alanya and furniture is available in many different price ranges and designs. It is also no problem to find furniture in the Western style.